I grew up in Western Pennsylvania writing stories and poetry in my free time, so no one was surprised when I became a writing major in college. After receiving creative and professional writing degrees from Carnegie Mellon University, I went on to get my Master’s Degree in Professional Writing, and I worked in corporate communications until I had my children. Now I’m a freelance writer and editor living in Arkansas with my husband, son, daughter, and two dogs.

Bonus! Ten (Little Known?) Facts About Me

  1. In addition to being an award-winning author, I’m an award-winning recipe developer. I think I got that skill from my grandmother. We both love cooking and baking, especially for family.
  2. When I had my wisdom teeth removed, the surgeon insisted I’d feel like my cheeks were sewn to my gums but assured me they wouldn’t be and the feeling would pass. My parents grew increasingly frustrated with me over the week I was recovering because I couldn’t open my mouth. They thought I was “being overly dramatic” and I should just deal with the pain and use my mouth. Guess what… my cheeks were in fact sewn to my gums. It’s unheard of, but if it could happen to anyone, it would happen to me.
  3. Speaking of teeth…I’ve never had a cavity. Ever. Baby teeth or permanent teeth.
  4. I adore my pets. I know; most pet owners do. But it might interest you to know I never had a pet until we got first Casey, then Max. I had a pet-free childhood. Not even a goldfish.
  5. I can still do a split. Enough said.
  6. I play the clarinet, although I’m pretty rusty right now. (Use it or lose it, and I haven’t been using it lately.)
  7. I taught myself how to type. You can’t really be a writer hunting-and-pecking the keys.
  8. While most of my work is inspired by my Italian heritage, I’m also part Irish, Scottish, German, and Swedish. (All from my dad’s side. Mom is full-blooded Italian.) I’m working on integrating more of my dad’s side into my work. (My serial Laci and Del series focuses on the Irish heritage, but I haven’t explored those roots too much yet.)
  9. I could spell “Valentine” by the time I was three.
  10. The first time I earned four-figures from freelancing, it was actually a ghost-writing job, so my name isn’t even on the project.

Still not enough? Well, until we meet in person, you’ll just have to browse this site. Follow me on social media (the links are in the footer and on the Links page). Or contact me via the contact form. I’m always happy to chat. (I guess talkative is bonus number eleven on my list. But you probably figured that out already. 😉 )

I’ll leave you now with a photo of my dogs. (No, they aren’t mocking you by sticking their tongues out. That’s just their “Mom has the camera out” expression.) They keep me company all day; they keep me smiling all day. Hopefully, they bring a smile to you, too.

summer pet safety

17 thoughts on “Bio”

  1. Buongiorno Stacy, come sta? I love your new ‘about’ page and header. Italian heritage? Do you speak the language. I love Italy and the people. La bella lingua.. Good luck and congratulations with the new look and many books waiting to be written.
    I’ll get back to writing as soon as …. the infatuation with learning the Italian language grows less urgent.
    La vita è bella.

    1. Ciao. Saluti, Patricia. Thanks for the kind words about my updates. (Grazie!)

      As to whether I speak Italian, I’d have to say no, not the Italian you hear in Rome, anyway. Most of the words and phrases I know come from my family, who speak an almost-unrecognizable Calabrese dialect. My sister, niece, and I took a semester of Italian, but you know the first lessons are quite rudimentary. I can say hello, goodbye, ask and answer “how are you?” and utter some pretty colorful phrases, but that’s about it. I am considering Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur, though. We’re thinking about taking a trip to Italy this summer or next; it would be nice to have at least a basic grasp of the language. Are you learning strictly from immersion, or are you taking classes?

  2. Good luck Staci. Lovely dogs. I have three, they are my furbabies. They are good for getting you out of the seat and away from the computer to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. And they are great a listening to you reading your stories too. Always positive feedback I find!

    1. Thanks Helen. You’re right; not only are our furry friends great company, they are a captive audience!

  3. Good luck! And I hear you about the dogs. lol I love mine, but it sure is hard to concentrate on writing. 🙂 Let me know if I can help when you’re finished writing.

  4. If you haven’t already received the Reality Blog Award (I didn’t see it on your wall) now you have. Hang it proudly. Here is the shortlink
    If you have already received it (and have it hidden) you are just too darn special. At least a few of us think so.

  5. Good luck with your writing. I’m currently working on my first novel and hope to have it published before the years out. Your blog is very good and informative 🙂

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