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These are the freebies I currently offer. Please click on these titles for access to some of my short stories. (In 2014, I wrote a serial. Read in order; you have access to a free novella in addition to all the other work posted here.)

Thanksgiving Gratitude (a tribute to “Over the River) 
A Lamentation of Swans
(Part 2 of 2)
A Lamentation of Swans
(Part 1 of 2)
Fireworks Aren’t Always in the Sky (a 4th of July/Bleeding Heart mash-up)
John Notaro
 (a Bleeding Heart prequel)
What April Showers Bring
The Town of Aycan (a tribute to Dr. Seuss)
Valentine’s Day Dinner

Laci and Del: Oh, For A Wonderful Life (Part 12, December)
Laci and Del: Giving Thanks Was Never So Difficult (Part 11, November)
Laci and Del: Hallow-Why-Me? (Part 10, October)
Laci and Del: Belabored Day (Part 9, September)
Laci and Del: Birthday Wishes (Part 8, August)
Laci and Del: Fireworks (Part 7, July)
Laci and Del: Hide and Go Hear (Part 6, June)
Laci and Del: Mother Doesn’t Always Know Best (Part 5, May)
Laci and Del: In Like a Lion (Part 4, April)
Laci and Del: A Wee Bit O’ Picking (Part 3, March)
Laci and Del: Romance Tailor Made (Part 2, February)
Laci and Del: Second Chance? (Part 1, January)
Christmas Eve Perspective
A Walk on the Wild Side
Fifty Sheds of Grey
Mystery Heir Deleted Scene
Just Say Utah
Real Estate Realities
Raising Mason


  1. Striking scene, great dialog Staci!

  2. Really powerful story. Brave writing, tough issues. You handled it beautifully. I felt like I was right there.

    • Thank you. I was hesitant to tackle this issue from this viewpoint, having witnessed family members and friends go through divorces but never having experienced one myself. But then I realized, I write about a lot of things that I never experienced first hand; a true writer should still be able to do the situation justice. I’m glad to see it’s working. Thanks for your comments.

  3. That was very enjoyable Staci. In the beginning I thought Mason was a brat. By the end I wanted to give him a hug.

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