Cover art for fiction varies wildly across genres, and readers have varying opinions about what makes good covers. This post discusses some cover pitfalls and asks readers to weigh in.
Why are New Years special? Because once a year they give the whole world the opportunity to...
A year in review, plus resolutions for next year. Most importantly, a hearty "thank you" to my fans.
It’s been a while since I’ve had my next visitor here. Now that I think about […]
If you know me at all, you know I love to help support fellow writers. And […]
Ever notice how sometimes a deal seems too good to be true? Like when you see […]
I’m a huge Billy Joel fan. (Yes, I’m showing my age. I don’t care. He’s awesome.) […]
All that said, it is time for another installment of fiction. (All installments can be found on the Freebies page.) This First Friday Fiction Feature (#FFFF) is all about Thanksgiving, and I could think of no better way to pay homage to the holiday than by writing something in the spirit of the iconic "Over the River" by Lydia Maria Child. So, without further ado, my tribute, with a Western Pennsylvanian flair...
Okay. It’s not really trick-or-treat here. No tricks, other than the title, anyway. Today is a […]
Daddy asked me to tell you about myself. When I was a little kitten, I was wandering all alone outside. I was scared. I don't remember if I was born outside or if somebody decided they didn't want me. I was too little to remember. I do remember that I was hungry. It was hard to find food. I saw other cats chase birds and squirrels, but I didn't know how to catch them. One day when I was exploring the Big Forest, I smelled food.