Here’s a short story starring Franki and Gianni. This takes place after the end of Bleeding Heart. […]
I spend a lot of time working. A LOT. Much more than my family would like. […]
Where has Staci been? I know that’s what you’ve been asking. It’s been a while. Despite […]
Legend suggests Vincent van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime—The Red Vineyard. Investigation into […]
This scene is a prequel to Bleeding Heart, releasing later this month. It gives a bit of […]
Most people think Western Pennsylvania and immediately think Pittsburgh. And it’s a good thing that comes […]
At long last, several years in the making, the first book in the paranormal romance series […]
In the time of the Renaissance, the discipline known as alchemy saw its practitioners combine philosophy, science, occultism, […]
I’m sorry for my absence last week. I was dealing with the loss of a dear […]
I write different genres. One style of storytelling just didn’t enable me to say everything I […]