Click here to learn more about my longest bodies of works. Worlds where just one book wouldn’t do, and characters are revisited so much they become family.

These are novels that came to me fully-formed, and I was able to tell these characters’ stories in one novel. I can’t say I’ll NEVER revisit them, but for now, it’s one-and-done.

These are super short reads that you can absorb in a lunch break or just before bed. They’re designed to give you a quick window to a new world when you need a break from this one.

These are collections of short stories in which I, along with several other authors, participated. These anthologies give readers a chance to sample many writers’ works in one place.

I’ve got plenty of good content on the way. I just released the last of the Keystone Couples series (clean romance novellas). Now, I’m working on a suspense series, the first of which is ready to go. And I also have a surprise project to talk about later in 2022. If you want to be certain you don’t miss any of the announcements, make sure you sign up for my newsletter.

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I’m a multi-genre author with several published titles and much more to follow.

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The Wait is Over!

The Complete
Keystone Couples Series
is now available!
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