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I’m Staci Troilo, but you might also know me as sci-fi author D.L. Cross. I’m currently writing under that pen name with the fine folks at Sterling and Stone.

The Astral Conspiracy Series has now been released in its entirety, and with a bonus free side story!

Astral Conspiracy Covers

Here are brief explanations of each book:

The Gate: When the hypotheses of disgraced ancient alien theorist Landon Thorne prove to be true, he travels across the globe in search of a way to communicate with—and perhaps stop—the approaching alien armada. 
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The Stones: The invasion couldn’t be prevented, but there is a chance the Astrals can be driven away… if Landon Thorne can reach the Georgia Guidestones, unearth its secrets, and decode the mystery before the aliens stop him. 
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The Nine: Landon Thorne and his team of resistance fighters seek a cipher to decode the message accompanying a cache of alien artifacts they’ve unearthed, but the government, a clandestine cabal, and the Astrals themselves stand in their way and might not only put an end to their plans—they might put an end to their lives. 
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The Twins: When all factions converge for a human-versus-alien showdown, resistance fighter Reverie Sterling gets help from the least likely source. But even then, it may be too late for everyone she loves to make it out alive. 
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The Lab: In the final showdown between Earthlings and Astrals, twins Asha and Vonn insist their long-lost grandfather has a plan to save humanity. It’s a long-shot, but the resistance takes it—and no one is prepared for the consequences. 
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The Forgotten: In this related side story, CORE agent Cannon is on a mission to find the Forgotten to try to set things right for the planet, and he needs the help of Colonel Jack Morley, who finds the world—and the universe—is far different than he thought.
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If sci-fi isn’t your thing and you’re looking for suspense and thrillers (and maybe a splash or flood of romance) instead, look no further. I’ve got a bunch, which you can find under the author name Staci Troilo.

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I’ve got a wide selection of sub-genres. Please take a few minutes to look around, and if you’ve got any questions, just let me know.

Suspense with Family Drama: Cathedral Lake Series
Suspense with Steamy Romance: Medici Protectorate Series
Suspense with Paranormal Romance: Love Set in Stone

I’ve got novellas, a series of vignettes, an several shorts in anthologies, too. To explore my full catalog, click on “My Work” in the menu.

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