Welcome to my website! I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a lover of many different genres, so you’ll see I’ve dabbled all across the board. If you like family drama, suspense, romance, paranormal, western, or even a little humor, I have something to offer you.

I’ve just released The Haunting of Chatham Hollow, a dual-timeline ghost story co-authored with Mae Clair. She was a breeze to work with, and we think fans of paranormal mysteries will love the final result as much as we do.

The Haunting of Chatham Hollow

I’m torn about what project to start next, but I promise I’ve got several ideas and some amazing opportunities to consider. For now, please look around. And if you have any questions, just let me know. I’ll see you inside.

My catalog is pretty varied. I like to say I have something for everyone. That’s hyperbole, of course, but it does have broad appeal. Here’s a sample:

Suspense with Family Drama: Cathedral Lake Series
Suspense with Steamy Romance: Medici Protectorate Series
Clean Romance: Keystone Couples Series
Paranormal Mystery: The Haunting of Chatham Hollow
Suspense with Paranormal Romance: Love Set in Stone
Western Anthology, Unshod: (My story: The Warrior of Blanca Peak)
Sci-Fi/Time Travel Anthology, Quantum Wanderlust (My story: Vicious Circle)
Christmas Anthology, Bright Lights and Candleglow: (My story: The No in Noel)
Paranormal Anthology, Macabre Sanctuary: (My story: The All Souls Ritual)

I’ve got novellas, a series of vignettes, and lots more coming, too.

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Thanks for visiting! Hopefully I’ll see you in the comments section of my blog. Here are a few of my most recent posts for your consideration:

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