It’s the first Friday of the month. You know what that means… it’s time for another […]
It’s the first Friday of the month. Time for another fiction installment. (Links for this and […]
As my regular readers know, my usual post day is Monday. But today is Father’s Day, […]
My daughter graduated middle school this past week. Just putting my age in perspective, when I […]
My husband is responsible for hundreds of people at the plant where he works. I won’t […]
This isn’t my usual type of post, and it’s not on my usual day, but I […]
Wow, what a weekend. It started with snow. In May. In Arkansas. I ask you, what’s […]
You know me, I love to help out my fellow writers. And today, I’m giving a […]
I’m wondering how many of you out there are writers. And of you, how many have […]
Those of you who read my blog regularly might remember my Thanksgiving entry: “Why I’m Thankful […]