I’m happy to welcome Mae Clair back to my site today. We share a strange obsession […]
The Many Worlds interpretation, or the idea that every time an event could have gone one of two different ways, it goes both—in different universes. Put another way, when there's a decision to be made, every possible outcome occurs somewhere.
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I’m a huge Billy Joel fan. (Yes, I’m showing my age. I don’t care. He’s awesome.) […]
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Daddy asked me to tell you about myself. When I was a little kitten, I was wandering all alone outside. I was scared. I don't remember if I was born outside or if somebody decided they didn't want me. I was too little to remember. I do remember that I was hungry. It was hard to find food. I saw other cats chase birds and squirrels, but I didn't know how to catch them. One day when I was exploring the Big Forest, I smelled food.
our host told us a phantom had been spotted occasionally on the third floor. Nothing much appeared to be known about this ghost, but there was a photograph someone had snapped hanging in the second-floor hallway. Our host told us the spirit was visible in the photo, so my husband and I checked it out. I wasn’t expecting a lot, but was surprised to see the image of a woman in the bottom right-hand corner.
Some of the authors I admire most use setting as a literary technique. A storm becomes a metaphor for tension between characters. The seasons serve as symbols within the theme. Temperatures create mood from humid heat to frigid cold. Place—from sea to river to urban environs—expresses as much about mood as does a character’s words and actions.
I’m delighted to have been asked to write a guest post for friend and fellow author […]
Hi, guys. I’m happy to announce that today I’m “visiting” my friend and fellow writer, Joan […]