There’s a lot of buzz in Pittsburgh right now about a PBS special called The Italian […]
We’re smack in the middle of summer. The kids have been asking about a trip home, […]
Well, I haven’t been online since Wednesday (except for a brief check-in here and there and […]
We’ve been having the strangest weather. My kids have missed eight days for snow already, and […]
If you’ve browsed my blog, website, or Facebook page, you know I’m from Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, and […]
It’s the new year. We’ve all been reflecting on 2013 and making resolutions for 2014. I […]
It’s the first Friday of the month. You know what that means… it’s time for another […]
I have a real honor today. I’m guest posting/visiting on a friend and fellow Tribe Writer’s […]
This has been a busy month. My book came out in print. I had modest success […]
Quite often I talk about family traditions in my blog. One that I don’t believe I […]