These are the freebies I currently offer. Please click on these titles for access to some of my short stories. (In 2014, I wrote a serial. Read in order; you have access to a free novella in addition to all the other work posted here.)

Thanksgiving Gratitude (a tribute to “Over the River) 
A Lamentation of Swans
(Part 2 of 2)
A Lamentation of Swans
(Part 1 of 2)
Fireworks Aren’t Always in the Sky (a 4th of July/Bleeding Heart mash-up)
John Notaro
 (a Bleeding Heart prequel)
What April Showers Bring
The Town of Aycan (a tribute to Dr. Seuss)
Valentine’s Day Dinner

Laci and Del: Oh, For A Wonderful Life (Part 12, December)
Laci and Del: Giving Thanks Was Never So Difficult (Part 11, November)
Laci and Del: Hallow-Why-Me? (Part 10, October)
Laci and Del: Belabored Day (Part 9, September)
Laci and Del: Birthday Wishes (Part 8, August)
Laci and Del: Fireworks (Part 7, July)
Laci and Del: Hide and Go Hear (Part 6, June)
Laci and Del: Mother Doesn’t Always Know Best (Part 5, May)
Laci and Del: In Like a Lion (Part 4, April)
Laci and Del: A Wee Bit O’ Picking (Part 3, March)
Laci and Del: Romance Tailor Made (Part 2, February)
Laci and Del: Second Chance? (Part 1, January)
Christmas Eve Perspective
A Walk on the Wild Side
Fifty Sheds of Grey
Mystery Heir Deleted Scene
Just Say Utah
Real Estate Realities
Raising Mason