Here you’ll find links to the sites where I’ve had stories published, written guest posts, been interviewed, had an article published, etc. (Entries beginning with asterisks are award winners.)

You can also find my articles at Story Empire, where I’m a regular contributor. I have also blogged occasionally on my publishers’ and editors’ sites: Oghma Creative Media,  AIW Press, and Mystery Ink Novels, a line with Goldminds Publishing.

Hope you enjoy!

Book Review | (Pride and Fall on Teri Polen’s site—6 Nov 2018)

About Tortured Soul and Me | (author interview on Don Massenzio’s site—21 Sept 2018)

Lisa Burton Interviews Michelangelo | (guest post on C. S. Boyack’s site—13 Sept 2018)

About Tortured Soul and Me | (author interview on Colleen Chesebro’s site—13 Sept 2018)

The Muse Takes Over (discussing Tortured Soul and Marketing on Julie Holmes’ site—5 Sept 2018)

She Was the Last Person He Wanted to See | (Tortured Soul excerpt on Joan Hall’s site—4 Sept 2018)

About Tortured Soul | (author interview on Michele Jones’ site—31 Aug 2018)

Alchemy and Tortured Soul | (guest post on Teri Polen’s site—31 Aug 2018)

All the Invitation He Needed | (Tortured Soul excerpt on Jacquie Biggar’s site—30 Aug 2018)

Reduced to Rubble | (Tortured Soul excerpt on John W. Howell’s site—30 Aug 2018)

Mostly Because He’s Dead | (Tortured Soul excerpt on Marcia Meara’s site—29 Aug 2018)

Release Announcement | (Tortured Soul on Judi Lynn’s site–29 Aug 2018)

Rushing Water | (Tortured Soul excerpt on D. L. Finn’s site—28 Aug 2018)

Ancient Aliens and Tortured Soul | (guest post on Mae Clair’s site—28 Aug 2018)

Discussion about Writing Gamble (guest post on Lizzie Chantree’s site—21 Mar 2018)

Lisa Burton Interviews the Nightforce Security Guys (guest post on C.S. Boyack’s site—15 Mar 2018)

Gamble’s Villains (guest post on Joan Hall’s site—12 Mar 2018)

Exclusive Excerpt (guest post on Marcia Meara’s site—9 Mar 2018)

Gamble’s Heroine: Daphne (guest post on Harmony Kent’s site—9 Mar 2018)

Exclusive Excerpt (guest post on Michele Jones’s site—9 Mar 2018)

Gamble’s Hero: Noah Crawford (guest post on Mae Clair’s site—9 Mar 2018)

Introducing One Ugly Mug from Password (guest post on Mae Clair’s site—30 Jan 2018)

Introducing Password’s Hero (guest post on Joan Hall’s site—30 Jan 2018)

Password Excerpt (guest post on C. S. Boyack’s site—26 Jan 2018)

Introducing Password’s Villain (guest post on Harmony Kent’s site—20 Jan 2018)

Every Writer Needs a Little Help (editing guest post on C. S. Boyack’s site—15 Jan 2018)

How the Cathedral Lake Series Came to Be (guest post on Anastasia Pollack’s site—10 Jan 2018)

Favorite Christmas Memories (personal story on Nesie’s Place—25 Dec 2017)

Christmas Romances for All of Us (When We Finally Kiss Goodnight spotlight on Romance Lives Forever—23 Dec 2017)

Why I Wrote the Medici Protectorate Series (guest post on Pauline B. Jones’ site—21 Dec 2017)

Naughty is Nice Christmas Romances (When We Finally Kiss Goodnight spotlight on Romance Lives Forever—16 Dec 2017)

A Little Christmas Romance (character interview on C. S. Boyack’s site—14 Dec 2017)

Christmas and a Gettysburg Legend (guest post on Mae Clair’s site—14 Dec 2017)

Author Marketing Part 2: Four Action Items (guest post on Sue Coletta’s site—01 Dec 2017)

Lisa Burton Interviews Body Armor Characters (character interview on C. S. Boyack’s site—30 Nov 2017)

Author Marketing Part 1: Eight Action Items (guest post on Sue Coletta’s site—28 Nov 2017)

Gargoyles, Angels, and the Fallen (guest post on Teri Polen’s Bad Moon Rising tour)—13 Oct 2017

Gargoyles (guest post on M N Bernard Books)—03 Oct 2017)

Bleeding Heart (book review by Jacquie Biggar)—01 Oct 2017

Valuable Treasures (spotlight on Felicia Denise’s site—17 Aug 2017)

Excerpt Week (Medici Protectorate Series feature on The Write Stuff—01 Aug 2017)

Outcasts’ Bloghouse (welcome feature on Jessica Bakker’s site—24 Jul 2017)

Perfect 10 (interview on Don Massenzio’s site—17 Jul 2017)

The Recipe for Romance Novel Ragù (guest lecture on Romance University—30 Jun 2017)

Vinnie Falco Interview (on Rochelle Weber’s site—23 Apr 2017)

Five on Friday (Vinnie answers 5 questions on Mary E. Thompson’s site—7 Apr 2017)

Writing Journey (college majors and fictional careers on Delilah Devlin’s site—7 Apr 2017)

Medici Protectorate Brothers (deleted scene on Mae Clair’s site—7 Apr 2017)

Talking with Michelangelo (character interview at Archer’s Aim—6 Apr 2017)

The Devil’s in the Details (guest lecture on Romance University—5 Apr 2017)

Touring Pittsburgh (discussing settings on Joan Hall’s site—5 Apr 2017)

Food and Fiction (guest post on Harmony Kent’s site—4 Apr 2017)

Medici Protectorate Series (covers/teasers/blurbs on C. S. Boyack’s site—3 Apr 2017)

What is Family? (guest post on Marlena Smith’s site—3 Apr 2017)

Book Review of Type and Cross (review by Teri Polen—28 Mar 2017)

What’s On Your Shelf? (guest post on D. S. Nelson’s site—21 Mar 2017)

Indie Author Friday (guest post on Teri Polen’s site—17 Mar 2017)

On Lovers’ Lips (guest lecture on Romance University—10 Feb 2017)

Pride and Fall Showcase (guest post on Romance Lasts Forever—18 Jan 2017)

Pride and Fall and When We Finally Kiss Goodnight (guest post on Angela Scavone—3 Jan 2017)

Max/Pride and Fall (interview with Lisa Burton—22 Dec 2016)

Jo Notaro/Mind Control (interview with Lisa Burton—21 Jul 2016)

Mind Control Alchemy Post (guest post on Courtney J. Hall—29 Jun 2016)

Type and Cross Author Interview (Rave Reviews Tag Team 2-4-5 Blog Talk Radio—28 May 2016)

Story Inspiration and Gargoyles (guest post on From the Pen of Mae Clair—12 May 2016)

Romance Month—Staci Troilo (guest post on Angela Scavone—11 Feb 2016)

Love Stories and Fathers (guest post on From the Pen of Mae Clair—16 Dec 2015)

Settings—Where Imagination Meets Inspirations (guest post on Lorna Faith—15 Dec 2015)

Alchemy, Michelangelo, and the Protectorate (guest post on From the Pen of Mae Clair—30 Oct 2015)

Book Review Friday (review of Bleeding Heart by PC Zick—25 Sept 2015)

Pros and Cons of Writers Crossing Genres (guest post on PC Zick—23 Sept 2015)

Crafting Compelling Characters (guest post on Joan Hall Writes— 26 Aug 2015)

Interview: Bleeding Heart (interviewed by Kate Hill—13 Aug 2015)

Interview: Bleeding Heart (interviewed by Michele Jones—10 Aug 2015)

Review: Type and Cross (review by Stacy Claflin—23 Mar 2015)

Review: Type and Cross (review by Ronda Del Boccio—17 Mar 2015)

Book Review Friday (review of Type and Cross by PC Zick—27 Feb 2015)

Author Wednesday (interviewed by PC Zick—11 Feb 2015)

Author Spotlight (spotlight by Missy Frye—30 Nov 2014)

Royce Keller and Staci Troilo (character interview for Irene Aprile—24 Sept 2014)

“Swallowing Memories” (short story on Tipsy Lit—24 Sept 2014)

Mystery Heir Reviewed (review and interview by Joan Hall—10 Sept 2014)

Landing a Literary Agent Can Be Difficult (guest post for Samantha Anderson—9 Jun 2014)

Mystery Heir Reviewed (review and interview by Stacy Claflin—19 May 2014)

Arkansas Authors (interview/spotlight at Arkansas Authors—24 Mar 2014)

Mystery Heir Reviewed (book review by PC Zick—10 Jan 2014)

Keeping Traditions Alive Across the Miles (guest post for Joan Hall—17 Dec 2013)

Mystery Writing Basics: Character and Plot (guest post for Writers Helping Writers—20 Nov 2013)

The Role of Relationships in a Mystery Novel (guest post for Mystery, Ink.—28 Oct 2013)

Author Wednesday (interview by PC Zick—09 Oct 2013)

“No Peace in the Quiet” (*short story for The Holiday Cafe—2013 Spring Issue)

Recipe for Posterity (guest post for Laura Hedgecock—20 Mar 2013)

Do You Fear Your Own Success? (guest post for Nick Thacker—02 Feb 2013)

The Den” (short story for anthology Bigfoot Confidential: The Truth Revealed—05 Dec 2012)

Bridging the Five Year Gap” (short story for Female First—05 Sept 2012)

“Rite of Passage” (*short story for A Writer’s Universe—Jun 2012)