talking in earsOne year ago, I had a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. While the devil asked questions and told tales of my future in a deep, sexy tenor, the angel stayed silent, apparently also enraptured by the velvet tones and melodious words.

The trouble was, I didn’t actually like the words I was hearing.

My future? Bleak.

There were no finished works, no hardworking agents, no meticulous editors, no signed contracts.

No published books.

I sat at my desk, fingers poised on keys I was too nervous to type on, hovering over a touchpad I was too timid to click.

I didn’t have writer’s block. I had writer’s paralysis.

Either I was going to listen to the devil on my shoulder or I was going to turn things around.

Finally the angel spoke up. Its voice wasn’t loud, but it was clear as church bells carried on a soft summer wind.

Tribe Writers.

I don’t know how I found the link in the sea of emails I hadn’t opened, but I did. I don’t know why I purchased the course (when I had never signed up for even free online courses, let alone ones that had fees—let alone ones that were brand new and had no testimonials), but I did. I don’t know how I mustered the courage to open the first of the modules, but I did.

And I’m glad.

The content was challenging—but manageable.

The work pushed me out of my comfort zone—which I needed.

The people I met are friendly, knowledgeable, inspiring—and I still go to them today when I have a question. angel

One year later, I’m not sure if the devil is still on my shoulder. The angel is still there, and singing up a storm.

I got my first novel published (Mystery, Ink.: Mystery Heir) in both eBook and print formats. I secured an agent who is representing a four book series of mine, one of which is complete, one of which is almost done, and all of which have full synopses completed. I also started a second, unrelated, series. I’ve taken a job as an editor and I’ve become a book reviewer as well. All that, and I’m helping four writer friends along on their own writing journeys in a group we formed, as well as a few more writers via email. Not too shabby for a girl who was staring—all but catatonic—at her laptop a year ago.

Tribe Writers is more than a course. It’s a journey. And it’s a community. And I hope you’re ready to join it. If you have any questions for me about Tribe Writers, leave them in the comments section and I’ll be happy to answer them. If you’re ready to sign up now, there’s a link in my sidebar that will take you to a registration page.

Happy Anniversary Tribe Writers! It’s been a great year. Looking forward to many more.


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    • Thanks, Alene. It has been quite a year for not just me, but for so many of us TWers. Jeff did pack quite a load in that first course, and he has so much more in it now. I hope people realize what he’s offering.

    • Thanks, Janna. But I was really trying to suggest that people look into Jeff’s Tribe Writers course. The point was that it has value for fiction writers as well as bloggers.

    • This is the last time it’s being offered this year, Missy. And I know a tech-savvy writer like you could really benefit from something like this. Jeff not only has a lot to say about blogging and platforming, he brings in many experts in the field to weigh in as well. I learned a lot.

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