ABCsSome writing friends recently participated in an alphabet blog challenge where every day for twenty-six days they wrote a post corresponding to a particular letter, each entry having to do with a work-in-progress or a recently released work. I didn’t participate; I figure one, maybe two posts a week is plenty. But I thought the premise was pretty cool. So here is my abridged take on the alphabetized postings. I have a mystery novel coming out soon. It’s a departure from my usual romance work, but it’s still heavy on family and relationships, so it’s not too big a stretch for me. In any event, I thought this might be a good way to introduce it to you. It’s called Mystery Heir.

  • Aaron Fields
    His presence humanizes the lead character and leads to a break in the case.
  • Baseball Cards
    A clue for both the police and the lead sleuth in the book.
  • Centerville
    The setting. The town seems to be haunted. Bad things keep happening there.
  • Daddy Issues
    The original title of the book and a recurring theme throughout the novel.
  • Everett Kerr
    Mayor of Centerville and someone who keeps popping up in Naomi’s life.
  • Food
    Healthy necessity or decadent indulgence, what girl doesn’t love to snack?
  • Grant Family
    One of the key families at the heart of the mystery.
  • Harbaugh Family
    Another family at the center of it all. The patriarch is the victim.
  • Incarcerate
    Who ends up in jail? Why? Is it justified?
  • Johnson Family
    How many families are tangled in this mess, anyway?
  • Kaolin
    Fancy little mineral. Wonder what it has to do with the murder of a councilman?
  • Lockwood Family
    Another family?
  • Myer Lake
    Centerville is a big town with a lot of regions. The lake area is just one part of the town.
  • Naomi Dotson
    The main character. She tends to stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong.
  • Oktoberfest
    Lovely start to a novel. Too bad the party couldn’t last.
  • Penelope Dotson
    Naomi’s twin. They aren’t that much alike.
  • Quest
    Naomi is on a quest to solve a mystery. Someone else is on a quest to stop her.
  • Rothschild Law Office
    Where all the fun begins. If you consider a robbery and a high strung lawyer fun.
  • Shoes
    Penelope has a thing for shoes. It’s kind of important.
  • Tae kwon do
    Both girls are talented martial artists. It’s a handy skill.
  • Undaunted
    Naomi won’t be deterred from getting answers. Sometimes at great cost.
  • Valuable
    A lot of people have a lot to lose in this book.
  • Will
    That’s probably why the will is so important. (Hint, hint.)
  • Xerox copies
    Naomi provides the police with important copies of evidence. They tend to ignore her.
  • Yoga
    Things get pretty stressful. Yoga can be relaxing in times of tension.
  • Zeal
    In the end, it’s Naomi’s zeal that puts the pieces together and solves the crime.

Okay, admittedly, some of the letters were difficult. But when you read the book, and I hope you do, you’ll understand that some of the letters could have had ten entries and others I had to reach for one. I’ll keep you updated as Mystery Heir comes closer to its release date. I don’t have any specifics yet; this is just something small to whet your appetites until the big day draws nearer.

Until then, think about your WIPs. Can you come up with ABCs for all of them? Let us know how easy it was for you.

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  1. You’re always so clever with your posts. Especially enjoyed seeing how you wove book teasers into the entire alphabet. May give it a try with my newest Legend of the Rose.

    • Thanks Velda. That’s 26 teasers in one little post… that’s a bargain if I’ve ever come across one. Of course, some of the letters are tricky. I’m thinking of giving one character in each book a name that begins with X from now on, just to be prepared!

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