Today’s post is a little long, but well worth it. I was challenged by Joe Bunting […]
In February, my friend and fellow author Jan Morrill was kind enough to write a guest […]
Hi Folks! I spent the morning rearranging the toolbar on my site (took far longer than […]
I write fiction. Occasionally I take a stab at a memoir piece for my family, but […]
I had planned on spending today’s post talking about contract terms. I recently signed a contract […]
This weekend marked the return of one of my favorite annual events… and of course I […]
My grandfather worked hard his whole life. It was the Italian way. Loyalty to employers was […]
Valentine’s Day is this week. I’m not going to bore you or aggravate you with a […]
Last Monday I wrote a post regarding the importance of writers, particularly aspiring writers, building a […]
How do you handle rejection? Can you face your fears? Nick Thacker at invited me […]