Create Your Writer PlatformLast Monday I wrote a post regarding the importance of writers, particularly aspiring writers, building a strong media presence. I thought this week would be a good time to review Chuck Sambuchino’s new book, Create Your Writer Platform: The Key to Building an Audience, Selling More Books, and Finding Success as an Author. An overview of this book is the perfect complement to last week’s post, as its content covers this very concept in great detail.

Create Your Writer Platform is broken down into three helpful sections. The first section of the book deals with what exactly a platform is and why writers need one. He covers twelve core principles of successful platforms and points out the importance of finding and honing your niche. He ends that section by devoting a special segment to fiction and memoir writers, and explaining the whys and hows of platforming for their particular genres.

The second section of Sambuchino’s book contains vital information regarding the mechanics of platforms. He introduces the many different options available to writers, and then delves into each in greater detail. Topics covered include websites, blogs, newsletters, articles and columns, public speaking, social media (Twitter, Facebook and more), and what he calls four side doors to platform (four shorter paths that may help you circumvent the traditional routes, but are risky and aren’t necessarily any easier).

The third section of Create Your Writer Platform offers twelve case studies from authors in various genres who have built successful platforms. Sambuchino shows the different and successful paths these authors have taken in building their platforms from the ground up. There are lengthy interviews with probing questions and informative tips from non-fiction, fiction, memoir, and inspirational writers.

In addition to the wealth of technical information Sambuchino provides throughout the book, he went one step further. Sprinkled throughout the text are quotes from various experts in the publishing industry—opinions which are extremely valuable regarding author platforms. This book offers the perfect combination of author knowledge and expert contribution.

In short, I highly recommend Chuck Sambuchino’s Create Your Writer Platform: The Key to Building an Audience, Selling More Books, and Finding Success as an Author to any writers with questions regarding platforming, branding, or social media presence. This book is a must-have reference for an author’s bookshelf.


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  1. I’m reading this book right now, and I do find it helpful. Another good one on that topic (perhaps even better?) is Stephanie Chandler’s Own Your Niche.

    • I happened to win a contest where the prize was a copy of this book. So glad I did. Chuck not only sent me the book right away, he took the time to actually correspond with me for a while. He was really great. He said wonderful things about Linda (Apple) – who wouldn’t? – and was really down to earth. On top of all that, the book was amazing. I really hope people take the time to pick up a copy and read it. It was a big help to me.

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