Originally posted March 12, 2012

I spent a little bit of today editing and sending a synopsis and three chapters off to an editor (and doing some laundry… boy was that overdue!), but then I spent the rest of the day building my platform. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it means creating a favorable Web presence so editors and agents believe that you can market your material once/if they publish your book.

Today’s efforts – creating a Website. I already had one for my professional writing. Now I have one for my creative writing. For a first draft, it isn’t too bad. I have to go back and do A LOT of polishing, but I’m happy with today’s work. Let me encourage all of you to find a Web hosting service that you are comfortable with, probably one that has templates already built in for you (I haven’t used HTML since 2000, I never did figure out Java Script,and I don’t even know what the latest trends are), and spend a day playing with your pages.

I don’t have anything to market – YET – but when I do, I’ll be ready. Can you say the same?


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