Listed below are my published works. Entries beginning with asterisks are award winners. Information about those awards (and other honors not found here) can be found on the Awards page.

Clicking the links will either take you to the published work or to the site where it can be purchased.

Novel Type and Cross, Book 1 of the Cathedral Lake Series published December 2014 by Foyle Press.

Short Story “Swallowing Memories” published September 24, 2014 on TipsyLit.

Novel Mystery, Ink.: Mystery Heir published July 2013 by Progreso Publishing (formerly Goldminds Publishing, LLC.)

*Short Story “No Peace in the Quiet” published in the 2013 Spring Issue of The Holiday Cafe.

Short Story “The Den” published in the High Hill Press anthology Bigfoot Confidential: The Truth Revealed.

Short Story “Bridging the Five Year Gap” can be found in the Female First online magazine. Click link to read the story.

Four-line western published in Cactus Country III, High Hill Press, June 2013.

*Short Story “Rite of Passage” published on A Writer’s Universe, June 2012.

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