our host told us a phantom had been spotted occasionally on the third floor. Nothing much appeared to be known about this ghost, but there was a photograph someone had snapped hanging in the second-floor hallway. Our host told us the spirit was visible in the photo, so my husband and I checked it out. I wasn’t expecting a lot, but was surprised to see the image of a woman in the bottom right-hand corner.
I thought I’d mix things up a little bit, and talk about books this month. Sure, […]
This past week, the world lost two heroes. One hero lost his standing in society and […]
I recently read a post called “eBooks and the Personal Library” (http://scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org/2012/08/20/e-books-and-the-personal-library/ ) by Joseph Esposito […]
So today is the first day of school for the kids— again. Where did the summer […]
Ah, Old Blue Eyes. I fell in love with Frank Sinatra when I was a young […]
Okay, it doesn’t help write the novels, but it did help me plot them. Let me […]
I ate dinner at a Chinese buffet tonight. I am horrified to think of how many […]
I’m grateful and humbled to announce that a blogger I follow has nominated me for the […]
My in-laws are in town. I was worried about how I was going to get a […]