The two men most important to me (my husband and my son) have abandoned me and […]
I had a post all planned for today. I thought it was poignant and insightful. Then […]
Vandergrift, Pennsylvania when I grew up had a decidedly Italian presence. It was even more so […]
I know, I know. You hear Italian-Americans and you think Capone and Corleone or The Situation […]
When I worked full time as a Marketing Communications Specialist for an engineering firm in Pennsylvania, […]

Hilarious and true. Did you forget the mummy… the one who wrote for so long to […]
 Happy Father’s Day! Today is the day set aside to celebrate dads. It was first celebrated […]
Today is Flag Day, or the commemoration of the day the United States adopted the use of […]

Congratulations to Jan Morrill! Published author!
Of course you edit! What kind of ridiculous question is that? I don’t mean ever, naturally. […]