Seth birthday

My son on his 16th birthday. Hard to believe a whole year has passed already.

Today is my son’s birthday. His seventeenth birthday.

How the heck did that happen?

I remember waiting for my due date. Waiting after my due date. Waiting three extra weeks for him to arrive. I had bonded with him long before he was ready to appear, and when he finally did, he was rushed to the NICU and I didn’t get to hold him anyway. Not for two days.

But when they wheeled me out of surgery, they took me to him. And when I said hello to him, he lifted his head and looked right at me. The nurses were stunned; they said babies don’t do that. But I knew from the moment I conceived him that he was special.

Just yesterday he was cradled in my arms. Except yesterday is apparently seventeen years ago. My yesterday is seventeen years of bottles and diapers, then toys and books, and then sporting events and academic awards.

Yes, my son is special.

So even though I won’t get to see him much today (he goes straight from school to his varsity game and won’t get home until late), I’m making his favorite foods to commemorate the day. Homemade stuffed pizza and cheesecake. You only turn seventeen once, even if you aren’t home for it. Might as well mark the occasion. (And trust me, even at midnight, he’ll eat pizza and cake!)

See, next year is the last year he’ll be home for his birthday. When he’s nineteen, he’ll be away at college, and I’m pretty sure his aspirations are going to take him far away from here. I don’t have much time.

Yesterday flew by, and tomorrow will be here before I know it.

It’s so easy to get lost in the mundane minutia of everyday life. Take the time to make each day special. (click to tweet that)

So happiest seventeenth birthday to my beloved son. May each future year be even more wonderful than the last.

For Writers:
Do your characters get lost in their day-to-day activities? It wouldn’t make for a compelling read if they did. But it’s not too realistic if they are constantly in flux, either. Try to strike a reasonable balance. Their character arc will be much more believable if we meet them when their lives are routine, but then watch them grow into people who break out of the mold.

For Everyone:
Are you stuck in work-rut? Do you do the same things, day after day? It’s time to stop and smell the cake. (Trust me, it smells AMAZING.) Appreciate life. Actually live, rather than exist. Life is all the better when it’s lived with purpose.

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  1. Enjoy the moments Staci. I just want to slow time down, I remember when I was a kid everything seemed slow. But my two, admit it only seems like yesterday we had christmas.

  2. Happy birthday to your son! Time really does fly by, and I think that having kids makes that more clear than anything else. My oldest turned eight recently – nearly halfway out the door. I’m not sure how that happened!

  3. It’s amazing. isn’t it? My baby turns thirty-three in January. Really? How did that happen? But you know what? She’s a very special person, I knew it from the time she was conceived. Happy birthday to your son, and congratulations, Mom, on a job well done.

    • Thirty-three? You look too young for that. And if she’s anything like you, I have no doubt she’s quite special indeed.

      Thanks, P.C., I’ll pass the birthday wishes on to him (if I can ever get him out of bed!).

  4. Time does pass quickly. My great nephew turned 17 last month and he’s already talking about going away to college. Wasn’t it just yesterday he was born? We need to take time to embrace each moment and yes, stop and smell the cake!

    • It’s too fast. Seth took the PSATs (or something) last year and our mailbox has been full of college pamphlets ever since. I think he gets more mail than we do!

      Wish you were here to share the cake. Last year I just bought a cheesecake, but this year I made his favorite. It smelled divine. Can’t wait to share it with him tonight!

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