Happy Holidays!Another year has passed. Where did the time go?

When I was young and heard older generations make similar statements, I thought they were nuts. The year took forever to pass back to my favorite holiday season.

Now that I’m older, I totally get it.

Time ticks by, every second the tiniest fraction faster than the last. If I make it to my grandmother’s age—God willing—I’ll blink and the day or week or month will have passed. I need to remember to stop rushing to meet deadlines and wash laundry and cook dinner. Instead, I need to start savoring each moment before it’s gone. I’ll never have this much time again; might as well make these seconds worth as much as I can. I want to laugh with my son before he leaves for college. Shop with my daughter while she still (somewhat) values my opinion. Enjoy my husband before we’re too old to even take a stroll together. Appreciate coffee with friends and dinners with family. Yes, I want to savor these sweet moments.

This year was the proverbial rollercoaster. I lost dear loved ones, but our family also grew—through birth and marriage. We’ve weathered our share of illnesses, accidents, and injuries, but we’re all relatively healthy (and I can’t complain about that). I left wonderful friends at a job I loved (albeit a job that was killing me) to work on my own (alone at home) as a full-time writer and editor.

Which brings me to the reason for my post.

readers' favorite awardThis was my most productive year yet. I released two novels (Bleeding Heart and Out and About) and two short stories (“Malevolent Whispers” and “Footprints in the Snow“) in collections with other writers. I received a 5-star review for Type and Cross from Readers’ Favorite. I even managed to do a writers’ talk at a local library and discuss my body of work with the patrons there. That was fun. Now, I didn’t quite manage to post once a week like I did last year, but I did write several guest posts for other sites (you can grab the links here) and host other writers here, as well. As much as I enjoy talking to you all, it pleases me greatly to introduce you to fellow artists who you might not otherwise ever find on your own. All this while editing more manuscripts than I ever did in prior years (for a full list of work I’ve edited, visit my editing page) and while taking courses to help me better navigate the ever-changing world of publishing. Like I said, this was my most productive year yet.

But this wasn’t the pinnacle.

love set in stone

One of four novels promised next year.
Coming Spring 2016.

Next year I’ll be even busier. I’ve committed to releasing four novels, a novella, and probably a couple more short stories in anthologies. I’ve also promised myself to post once a week (until the end of the year, when I close down for the holidays), including all twelve First Friday Fiction Features. I want to write more reviews, which means reading more, and I’d really love to amp up my marketing efforts. I’m telling you all this because (1) you are the reason I’m working so hard and (2) you can help hold me accountable.

Yes, you are the reason I do this. I write because I have stories to tell, but I publish because readers like you enjoy my words and ask for more. (click to tweet) And the more you can correspond with me and tell me what you want from me, the better I’ll be able to provide you with the content you crave and deserve. So consider writing that Amazon review. Sign up for my newsletter. Join other like-minded readers at my Facebook group, Staci Troilo’s Novel Idea. Follow me on Goodreads. Heck, send me smoke signals if you want. Just keep in touch. I love to hear from you.

So, I’m winding down my site for the year, and I’m trying to remember to follow the list but enjoy the journey. I just shared my work resolutions with you. Now all I have to do is thank each and every single one of you for your support. I couldn’t do this without you.

And I want to remind you to enjoy your journey, too. Savor these moments; they are fleeting. (click to tweet)

One last thing before I go. I wish you all a fabulous end of December and start of the new year. See you then!

Now, for the title of this post… What about you? What did you do this year that surprised you? What do you intend to accomplish next year? Who do you really want to thank? Why not share in the comments?


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  1. You’ve had a fabulous year, Staci, and it sounds like you plan to continue that journey into 2016. Good for you! I’ve held steady with my publishing goals (1 novel and 1 novella a year) but haven’t made great leaps and bounds. I have set goals but have been distracted by some RL issues, especially these last few months. As I type this, I’m day two into one of the worst colds I ever remember having and have spent more time in bed than awake, lately. Hopefully, I’m going to kick this thing out of the ballpark before Christmas gets here.

    Congrats on your accomplishes. It’s been great getting to know you so much better this year. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • Well, I look at it this way. If I commit to a lot and make my goals, great! If I miss one or two, it’s still more than I would have done otherwise. As long as the quality doesn’t suffer, I’m going to push. I know an author who is writing roughly a novel a month, plus other smaller works. And she’s knocking it out of the park. Her sales are growing and growing, and she has a ton of loyal fans. I don’t think I can work at that pace, but I’m really interested in building my backlist, which I think is a key to acquiring fans. I guess we’ll see.

      I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you better this year, too. I wish we hadn’t waited so long! I hope your health gets better and you continue to meet and exceed your writing goals. And I’m here if you need anything.

      Happy holidays to you and yours, Mae.

  2. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. You deserve the great things that are happening. I look forward to watching your career continue to grow, not only next year, but in years to come.

    As for me, I’ve accomplished a few minor things that please me. I know I have a long way to go, but the recognition I received this year as emboldened me to continue putting words on the page and sharing with the world.

    Have a blessed Christmas.

  3. You have had a busy year and seems like an even busier one coming up. And I’m glad it’s been a productive one for you

    I know what you mean about the time. When I was in High School (now I’m really dating myself!) there was a popular song by Seals and Crofts titled “We May Never Pass This Way Again.” I think of it often when I remind myself to slow down and savor the moments.

    Blessings to you and your family during this Holiday Season.

    • You’ve also had a productive year, Joan. And I know you have even more on the horizon for next year. Looking forward to all of it. (And yes, I know the song, too. 😉 ) Here’s hoping you and yours can slow just a bit and enjoy these fleeting moments. Wishing you all a blessed holiday season.

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