Vonnegut’s Take on the Shape of Stories, Then and Now



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  1. Hi Staci!
    Thrilled to meet you on Twitter in the sinister shade @ThePoetTrees and to follow your link here to this excellent re-blog & compilation with full credits to original authors.
    + Well done pulling it together so succinctly.

    AA Bell; Best-selling & award winning author:
    Amazon: http://amzn.to/TFbmcI
    Facebook: http://on.fb.me/ToKbPB

    Twitter: twitter.com/ThePoetTrees
    … more than a spooky setting from the thrillers, #ThePoetTrees are fun, real & inspirational…

    & Bell’s Ballady Blog: http://bit.ly/VBwLOv
    “Once you’ve had rhyme, you’ll be back every time!” LOL

    All the best psychos speak in metaphors & poetic riddles & I love Vonnegut for that too. 🙂

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