By now you’ve seen my new brand. I couldn’t be happier with it, and I hope you like it.

changeBut that’s not the only change around here.

I’ve updated my “About the Author” page. If you click the link or navigate to it through the menus, you’ll find new information. And some bonus material.

If you’re wondering why this post is so short, there’s a good reason. Another change. I’m moving my post day to Friday, so I’ll check back in with you then.

In the meantime, you should know that I’m changing my Facebook strategy. You can find these posts, now thematically organized, at my Facebook author page, or duplicated on Twitter and Google+ accounts.

These new themes are as follows:

Monday — Movie Star Monday (a pic of the day featuring everyone’s favorite romantic leads)
Tuesday — Teaser Tuesday (a short excerpt from something I’m writing or something I’m reading)
Wednesday — Wednesday Words (a random–and hopefully interesting–word, defined and discussed)
Thursday — Thoughtful Thursday (it’s like The Big Bang Theory’s “Anything Can Happen Thursday” — who knows what we’ll cover)
Friday — Friday Blog Feature (my weekly blog post)

Also, if you’re interested in being the first to know what’s going on in my writing career, or just in getting to know me and some of my staunchest supporters, message me and join my Facebook group: Staci Troilo’s Novel Idea.

See you Friday!

2 Responses

  1. You really are making some changes. I glanced at your author bio – will read it in detail later. I like the idea of a Facebook strategy and posting theme. I learn so much from you – I often feel like I’m copying, but you really have some good ideas. And now, you know me, I’ll be thinking of that David Bowie song all day. 🙂

    • You don’t learn from me; we learn from each other. And I’m glad to share what I know with you… and everyone else. (BTW, I’ve been singing Changes since yesterday!)

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