Well, it’s Labor Day here in the US. It’s the day we set aside to honor our workforce. According to the Department of Labor, “it constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”

I know we’re all looking forward to the three day weekend, but I can’t help but think of people like my grandfather, my dad, and my husband.

grampMy grandfather started working at the age of fourteen because his father died and someone had to support my great-grandmother and her children. The oldest of seven, my grandfather quit school and got a job at the foundry to care for his family. When he married my grandmother, he continued financial support until his other siblings were able to pitch in.

dadMy father was the third of seven. His older two brothers went to college, but there wasn’t money to send him when it was his turn. Instead, he joined the US Navy and sent money home to help his parents and siblings. When he returned home, he got a job as a driver for UPS. He worked tirelessly until he earned a managerial position, and then I think he worked even harder. I remember late nights, early mornings, and very long days. But he never complained; he just kept on working for his family.

husbandMy husband got his BS in Industrial Management and Economics the year before I graduated. He worked as a stock broker and then an equities trader, and I expected we’d be a two-income family for the remainder of our marriage. But instead, he left the industry in favor of a management job in manufacturing. Since then, we’ve moved a lot (leaving family is SO HARD), but we’re now a single-income household. He takes care of me and the kids and has become a Lean Manufacturing expert. His companies send him to other plants to teach and implement efficient manufacturing systems. Through all that, he managed to get his master’s degree, too. He works crazy long hours, travels far from home sometimes, and when he is home his phone never stops. I can’t imagine a better provider.

So people can think of labor unions and blue collar workers all they want on Labor Day. Or of parades and picnics. I think of these three men and the contributions they made to the country and to my life.

As for me, I’m a writer, so I thought what better way to mark Labor Day than with an infographic about novel writing. (Yes, I did the work and created it myself.) Here are ten steps (ten very general steps) detailing how to write and market a novel.

PLEASE NOTE: This infographic only deals with marketing your novel. But remember that your online presence should be no more than 10% selling/marketing. That means that you need to consider how much online marketing you’re doing throughout the process and interact with your audience in HELPFUL and ENGAGING ways the other 90% (or more) of the time. (click to tweet this idea)

10 step infographicI hope all US citizens have a great Labor Day. To everyone else, Happy Monday!

What do you think of this infographic? Did I forget anything important? Did you ever create an infographic for something? Let’s talk about it.

And, before I forget, I’ll be releasing my new brand soon. I expect to reveal it this week, so keep an eye out for that. And of course, Friday is the first Friday of the month, so I’ll be releasing the next #FFFF Laci and Del installment. Wow! What a busy week! Hope you have a good one, and I’ll be seeing you soon.

10 Responses

    • Thanks. I thought it would be difficult to create an infographic, but it was actually kind of fun. I can see doing this again. Feel free to share it on Pinterest or any other social media if you think it will be helpful to your followers.

  1. Staci I hope you had a nice Labour day and I enjoyed reading about the amazing men in your life. I think the graph could be helpful for new writers. To break down all the levels at play when starting out with this complex craft. Although it always looks easier than it is, for me personally. I stumble through and will tick these off as I go. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Kath. I know this isn’t a specialized infographic, but I agree–this is designed for beginners.

      We did have a nice Labor Day, thanks. Hope things are going well “down under” for you.

  2. Staci, as always an interesting informative and entertaining blog. Your family history is a wonderful touch and though I’m not a fan of infographs, I liked yours a lot and shared it on my FB.

    • Thank you, Velda. You know, I was never an infographic fan either. But now, primarily because of Pinterest, I’m on board. Thanks for commenting and sharing.

  3. First, I enjoyed reading about your family members and how they provided (provide) for their families. My father was a factory worker and although we weren’t rich monetarily, Dad always provided. We were rich in other ways, however.

    I love the graphic about marketing books! Very useful.

    Hope you enjoy the Labor Day Holiday.

    • Thank you, Joan. As you know, family is so important to me. How could I not mention the workers in my life, who enriched my life just as your father did yours. Hope you have/had a great Labor Day.

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