So today’s the day… my new brand reveal!  A lot of time and thought went into this, and I have to give thanks and props to Casey Cowan at Oghma Creative Media for working with me on this until we had an identity that suited me and my work.

I’m a multi-genre author, so having just one brand is tricky. I needed something mysterious, because I’m a mystery author. But I also needed something that said “mainstream fiction” but included an element of suspense. Finally, I needed something that reflected my romance writing.

Because most of what I write is set in areas with water, we thought the lake scene would meet my needs. The coloring was played with until we had the right combination of sultry, cryptic, and dark. And finally, we came up with a tagline that works across genres and encapsulates all the fiction I write: Secrets. Shadows. Seduction.

I hope you find the brand as fresh and exciting as I do. Check out my new Twitter and Facebook looks, too.

And once again, thank you Casey for a job brilliantly done.

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    • Thank you. Technically, it will be my second book in November; my first was with another publisher. In any event, I’m anxiously awaiting the release of this one, too!

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